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Mother's Day Course Sale!
Art Business Tips / Posted by Melanie Greenwood  
Calling all Artists 👋🏼💥 in honour of Mother’s Day, this week I am offering 40% off my best selling “Printable Art Selling Machine” course! 

Offer expires Saturday night (May 8, 2021) at midnight EST. 

Gift it to your mama, wife, bestie or gift yourself! This is a time to truly celebrate women and that includes encouraging their dreams. 🌺 So many of you have been wanting to join this course so this 40% off is my Mother’s Day gift to you all. ☺️

In this course, I show you how to digitize your original artwork and upload it for sale as a printable file online. I also show you how to market your printable art (aka digital art). I go over file creation, copyright, mock up staging, and lots more! There is no fluff or filler. I get right down to business showing you how to build a real digital art business. 

So what is a PRINTABLE?! 
It’s a digital art file that you can upload to a selling platform (I use Etsy!) and then when customers buy your art, they download the digital file instantly and print it at home. So there is no need to print, package or ship your art. So you earn passive income and your customer gets their art instantly. It’s a win-win!

Click the link to find out more and read lovely reviews of other creative artists around the world 🌎 ❤️ I love helping artists get started!

Art Business Tips / Posted by Melanie Greenwood  
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