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Print On Demand Course For Beginners
In this course I am going to teach you how to create your own Print On Demand Products using Printify. 

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"Print On Demand" is when you add your own art or words to a product (shirts, hats, aprons, mugs, etc...) and add that product to your online shop. When a customer buys the product, your print provider prints it, packages it and ships it directly to the customer for you. Pretty cool, right? 

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 Attention Artists
Learn How To Digitize Your Original Artwork And Sell Printable Art Online
Printable Art (a.k.a. Instant Digital Download Art) is a new and convenient way for artists to sell their art to customers all over the world. There is no printing or shipping required, and no more time wasted in lines at the post office. The customer buys, downloads and prints the art themselves. It truly is a win win for the customer and artist. 
 My Story
How I Got Started Selling My Artwork Online
All of us start our journey somewhere. This is the story of how I started selling my own artwork online. My hope is that by sharing a bit of my own story, it may inspire other artists to get started in creating their own art products to sell online.
Current Courses for Artists & Designers
Current Courses for Artists & Designers
What Other Artists Are Saying...
“I did exactly what she said. I made the ad...I got 10,000 new likes on my Facebook page for a pennya piece! ... I feel like I’m back in business! ”
Erin Monoghan, Artist
Facebook Accelerator Course

"Thanks! It's great how you just cut this "big thing" into small pieces, so it's not as scary as it seems. It actually begins to feel manageable:)” 
Basic Marek, Artist
Etsy Artist Dream Kit Course

“Loved this! I started my Etsy shop last month, and this has been so helpful! I will take into account everything you told me. Thank you so much!"
Carolina Llano, Artist
Etsy Course

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