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What Other Creatives Are Saying...
“By far the BEST and most thorough Etsy course I have seen!
So helpful! thank you, Melanie!”
- Lesley G, Artist & Illustrator
“I have been taking time off this year and trying to find new inspiration and really find my niche and get things moving in a new direction and your class is exactly what I needed! I can not wait to watch your other classes and get started with a brand new inspiration thank you so much!” - Bryn (Creative Consultant)
"Thanks a lot for this is very inspiring class. I just got laid off from my graphic design job due to a budget cut. I am now pursuing my dream which is to run my own art and clothing brand "Golden Piggy". 
- Robyn (Artist)
“I am only part way through your course, but it’s changed my attitude and approach to Etsy and I feel like I can now use it in a productive way! My head is overflowing with ideas because of your class. I made all the mistakes you listed, and now I feel like I have a way around them! Huge thank you, and I can't wait to finish the course!” 
- Natasha, (Artist)
“Great course! Very informative and perfect for those new to Etsy or those thinking about openings an Etsy shop. It has been about four months since I started this course it has taken that long just to accomplish each section (still working on shop pictures) But with out the course it would have taken even longer! Thank you Melanie!” 
- Mindy, (Etsy Artist)
“Thank you so much! You have given me much inspiration and hope after going through your course. I was so lost about what to create for my own products. I was a designer, who had been rendering services to  corporate customers and employers who don't appreciate my contributions. For many times, I had lost my identity as designer. Now, you have given me some great ideas as to how I can tap on my design skills and knowledge!” 
- Brian, Graphic Designer 
“This has already been so helpful and I'm only an hour into your class! I’m learning so much. I totally shot a bunch of my prints…Thanks so much, I'm really enjoying this class and feel empowered to grow my shop.” - Lesley, Artist & Illustrator 
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