This course is for: Artists, Designers, Illustrators and Hand Letterers.

The Wholesale Secrets Course was created to teach you how to start selling your art products into shops, boutiques and even large scale national retailers. 

Selling wholesale is a fantastic way to expand your reach and make money exponentially. Each wholesale order is a bulk order, which means its much more income than selling products individually online.

This is a great way to take your online selling to the next level!

In the course, I will teach you:
- Why I chose Etsy Wholesale as my online wholesale shop
- How to apply to Etsy Wholesale to be a seller
- How to effectively brand your art products
- How to photograph your art products
- How to create your profile and shop policies
- How to build your line sheet
- How to process orders
- Reaching out and following up with store buyers
- Social Media basics for wholesale 

Looking forward to having you join the course:)

Lets get creative!

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